Twitter Tipsters

How do you find a good Twitter Tipster?

There is no doubt that if you love sports betting, be it football, rugby, cricket etc or having a wager on the horses, you probably will have looked at some point on twitter for a tipster to follow.

There are some fantastic twitter tipsters, most of whom share their tips for free, some charge you for the privilege and make you subscribe to their website. What better way to make use of your tips than with a free bet? We have got loads of offers from all the bookies on our dedicated free bets page.

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Our resident Twitter Tipster Nathan, is one of the most passionate, dedicated tipsters we have ever come across. Sure there are a lot of people who talk a good tip, but how do they find their tips? Nathan has spent considerable time building up databases, spreadsheets and other documents to help him try and find a winning formula. You can view all of out tips on the Blog – Free Tips and follow us on twitter @SportsBets4Free

Nathan on how he picks his tips:

Horse racing

When it comes to picking tips for the horse racing there is always a lot to get through. With so many races every day I have to narrow this down to a manageable size. I use my own speed ratings which I produce myself, combined with a number of other factors to choose horses that have the best chance of winning a particular race. It’s my belief that the fastest horses make the best horses and this is the philosophy that all of my horse racing tips are based on.


With regards to the football, I’ve always felt that to have any chance of beating the bookies, that you need to literally beat them at their own game. I use several spreadsheets to calculate what I believe to be a team’s chance of winning a certain fixture and then compare this with what the bookmakers believe that the same chances are. I tip those teams that I believe have been priced wrong by a certain bookmaker or group of bookmakers, which allows me to tip value.

So just how do you find a good Twitter tipster?

Sure there is no one Tipsters, on twitter or anywhere in the world who will be right 100% of the time, that is just impossible! Research is the key. One of the best resources for twitter tipsters is @bet-share or They have a league based on points for both the horse racing and football tipsters on twitter. We were involved for a few months but unfortunately had to take a break due to other commitments.

There are loads of other tipsters available on twitter as well, it is just a matter of using the search bar and seeing for yourself.

Should you pay for tips?

Well that is entirely up to you. At the minute, all of our tips on our website are free to access and we don’t charge anyone a penny. Follow us on Twitter @SportsBets4Free to get tweets of when are tips are published. We normally have free football & horse racing tips every day of the week.

Where else can you check?

One of the best websites for looking at a tipsters, is A guy named Joe runs the site and I had the pleasure of meeting him at Wimbledon last year. His knowledge is outstanding. He has been in the game for a very long time (Over 10 years) so as you can imagine, he has seen and heard most things. His website is a fantastic resource for checking out a tipster as Joe verifies all the tips and the tipsters himself.

If you love horse racing, be sure to check out The chap who runs it is called Bob Rothman and like Joe, I met Bob at Wimbledon. He too has been in the game for many years and is very passionate about his tips. He is that good, he is banned from most bookies which says something! Bob doesn’t even call himself a tipster, he is a professional gambler…

Another great tipster we have come across is Value Horse Tips. They are one of the original horse racing twitter tipsters and take pride in their transparency and consistency as a tipping service. They keep full daily records of selections in profit & loss format, and with in their two years running they are yet to have a month that has not turned over a profit. Tips are usually 2-4 a day and concentrate on selections that truly represent value. Definitely worth checking out their website and following them on twitter @valuehorsetips

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