Sky Bet Grand National Offer – Paying 5 Places

Sky Bet Grand National offer

So there you are again, another Grand National, another 5th place, another losing each way bet. The 2017 Grand National is going to be different this year if you bet with Skybet…

For Grand National betting this year, Skybet are paying out on an extra place, that’s 5 places in total. It’s truly is an outstanding online offer. No more trying to remember who picked what horse and for how much.

No more trying to find a pen, and destroying ten betting slips trying to make it work. No more standing in the betting shop queue whilst the cashier explains ‘Each Way’ for the umpteenth time that day. No more getting paid out on only 4 places.

SkyBet Grand National offer

Sit back, a few clicks with Skybet and you’re on, family and friends are on, and you’ve got that 5th place covered. New customers are always welcome and setting up a new account is simple and straightforward.