The Best iPad Betting Apps & Betting Apps for iPad

iPad Betting Apps are some of the best Betting Apps to use on any device. Now you can bet any where, any time on your iPad, all for free! There are lots of iPad Betting Apps available, the best tried and tested ones can all be found below.

The Apps are compatible with the iPad, iPad 2 the New iPad and the iPad Mini. Sports Betting Apps for iPad have never been better, bookmakers are constantly updating and tweaking them to give us an even better experience.

It’s good to use several Apps for betting on your iPad as it gives you chance to compare odds and find the best value.

We love using our iPad for betting. Betting on your iPad is fast, free and of course convenient! We have put together a step by step guide, to show you the easiest way to install iPad Betting Apps on your tablet.

We have tried and tested lots of iPad Betting Apps and we found these below to be the best of the bunch. Most bookmakers will have a mobile site that will run on your iPad, we find it a lot better and quicker to use a dedicated iPad Betting App, it gives a much slicker experience.

Our iPad Betting Guide below will show you which are the best Apps to use for Betting on your iPad.


If you have an iPad, you have one of the best devices for betting on. Regardless of what sport you are in to, you can be guaranteed there is an App for you. Nearly all of the big bookmakers have Apps for the iPad, with 99% of them available to download direct from iTunes.

The good thing about IOS is all the Apps get tested thoroughly before they are allowed to go in to iTunes, so your Apps will run smoothly. It seems that iPad and iPhone normally get Apps from the bookmakers before any other operating platform, guess this is down to them being the most popular!

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