Coral Mobile Exclusive Offer - Coral Sports Players Bet

Build the bet you want with Coral’s special mobile offer

We live in an age where Sports betting is continually evolving and the days when the only option was having a bet on a match result or perhaps a correct score are thankfully long gone.

There are now a myriad of different betting markets available on the majority of games, but the new Coral Mobile Exclusive – ‘Player Bets’ facility takes your betting choices to another level, providing customers with a new and unique way to bet on football, NBA and NFL to build the bet you want on your mobile.

With Coral App, Player Bets allow you to gamble on an individual player’s performance in a match, or match your chosen player up against an opponent.

So how does Coral Player Bets work?

With Coral Player Bets there are two types of bets to choose from – Stats and Head-to-Head.

A Stats pick matches a player up with individual statistics. So, for example, for example, if you believe Alexis Sanchez will have at least four shots against Chelsea, simply click on the add plus button to the right of his name and select the shots statistic from the drop down menu before adjusting the number with the plus and minuses below it.

Select the player you’re interested in and then the statistic relating to them you want to bet on. Click add to bet slip when you’re happy with your selection. You can also combine two players to the same stat.

So, you could pick two players to grabs goals or points with Coral Player Bets. An example might be David Silva and Mesut Ozil to make at least 150 passes between them.

A ‘Head-to-Head’ pick, meanwhile, pits two players against each other on a particular stat to predict the outcome.

So, if you think that a playmaker will have more passes than his counterpart on the other side, or that a quarterback can throw more touchdowns than his opposite number, you can customise player bets to put your money on it!

For example, if you think N’Golo Kante will make more tackles than Ander Herrera, firstly click on the Head-to-Head tab in the top right, then select the players on the left-hand side and the stat you’re comparing them by on the right from the drop down.

With Player Bets, you can select a player and bet on how many shots on goal, passes, or any other stat you think your selection will get in his upcoming game. It’s an opportunity for an original form of betting with a personal touch, where you can make full use of the available stats to build the bet you want.

Coral Player Bets always allows you to mix things up by picking multiple players who you can then combine in a Head-to-Head or simply back them all to hit the mark in a multiple bet that’s totally unique to you.

For each personalised bet you make, the Coral Player Bets system will generate accurate betting odds based on your choices and targets.

Placing your bets with the Coral Player Bets feature is simplicity itself, requiring just a few basic steps:

  • Pick Your Player(s)
  • Select Your Stat
  • Build Your Bet

All the football statistics used for the Coral Player Bets comes from Opta, whilst stats for US sports are from STATS Inc. and Australian stats are supplied by Champion Data.

If wanting to check results yourself, suggested sites for results are:

  • Football – (Select match > Match Centre > click on Player on the pitch and the stats will load below)
  • NFL and NBA – (Select sport > Scoreboard > click “Box” of relevant match and all the stats will show on the page)

So how are Coral Player Bets settled?

Well, during every game, Coral receive live scoring from one of their stats providers (all highly respected industry leaders such as Opta). After each game has ended, Coral will receive the final box score and settle all the contests accordingly.

So, if you’re looking for a bet where you can use your knowledge of individual players, the Coral Mobile Exclusive – Player Bets option is the choice for you.

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