Betting Apps FAQ

How do I set-up a Mobile Betting account on a Smart Phone?
Most Betting Apps require you to first set-up your account from the main website first. You can then use these log in details to access your Betting App. It is also much easier and a lot faster to create a new account on-line. You can do this via one of the links on our Free Bets page and also claim hundreds of pounds worth of free offers!

Why can I not find all of the Apps in the App Store, Android Market place or Blackberry App world?
Some companies are not as fast as others at bring out Apps for the various mobile platforms. With our guide, we show you how to get the Apps long before the official ones are released. On Android handsets, developers will release Apps through Getjar some time before they are placed in to the official Android Marketplace.

How much does it cost to use the Betting Apps?
Mobile Betting Apps are completely free to use, there is no additional cost to use them. All you need to do is sign-up for a free on-line account, then download the App and you can use them for free.

What are the benefits of placing bets on an Smartphone?
There are a lots of benefits to placing bets on your Smartphone. For one, you can place a bet anywhere, any time so it is always convenient. You don’t need to wait for your computer to start up and you don’t need to go out in the cold to visit a bookies.

How up-to-date is the Betting Apps information?
The information available on your Smartphone App version is usually identical to the normal web version. Most Mobile Betting App pages update automatically to display the latest info.

Are Mobile Betting Apps secure & safe to use?
Yes, they sure are! Mobile Betting Apps are as safe to use as the full web versions. Mobile Apps use the same level of encryption on their Mobile sites and Apps as they do on their PC and Mac versions.

Can I make deposits & withdrawals from the Mobile Betting Apps?
Yes, most Betting Apps (although not all) allow you to add or withdraw money from your account providing you have already registered a payment method on there website.

Are the Mobile Betting Apps odds the same as the web version?
Yes, Mobile Betting Apps offer the same betting odds as the full website versions. Some Mobile Betting Apps may require you to select the Refresh button to see the latest betting stats and odds.

Is there a maximum amount of Betting Apps I can use?
In simple terms, No. You can download as many of the Betting Apps as you like and use all of them, for free.

Do I have to be a UK citizen to use the Betting Apps and Free Bets?
You can access most of the Betting Apps and Bookmakers website in any country. Some of the Apps may not be available everywhere, but most should. You can claim the Free bets anywhere, just log on to the Bookmakers website, create and account and claim your free bets.

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